Expand your product knowledge, gain best practices, and get the latest tips and tricks from Revionics solution experts. Attend one of our five solutions training courses offered on Day 3 of Insight. See course offerings below. Pre-registration is required.


Revionics will offer the Level 1 Base Price Optimization Certification at Insight 2020.  The course will focus on a high-level overview of the Base Price Optimization Product, best practices and approaches. Level 1 is for beginners as well as advanced users that may need a refresher.

Prerequisites: Customers that have been on the application for more than a year or instructor approval.

The class will focus on:  

  • Definition of price optimization to determine optimal base pricing and how it leverages business rules and science
  • Configuration components, features, and capabilities of base price
  • Product Relationships
  • Competitor Groups
  • Private Label Gap
  • Price Per Unit
  • Price Families
  • Base pricing screens and their functionalities
  • Basic reporting


Level II Base Price Optimization Certification Training is for Super Users that have passed Level I Certification Training.   The course will focus on a deeper dive into the Base Price Optimization Product, best practices and approaches.

Prerequisites: Completed Level I certification training or instructor approval.

This class will focus on:

  • Product Groups
    • Use cases for base and seasonal KVIs including their analysis and configurations
    • Who should be involved in and who owns the Product Group item assignment
    • How frequently should they be updated and key triggers that drive an update
    • How many KVI’s are the right amount- taking into account item count (too many can erode profit, too few can erode price image), revenue impact and price image
    • Assigning strategies and configurations to KVI
  • Product Relationships
    • Private Label Gap (PLG)
    • PLG Index
    • PLG Range by Category
    • PLG Range by Sku
    • Price Per Unit (PPU)
    • Traditional PPU Approach
    • Constraint PPU Approach
  • Advanced Scenario Planning
    • Create category level price strategies or update existing ones
    • Setting a penny profit index
    • Min and max PLG and PPU constraints
    • Margin improvement or investment functionality
    • How do you best analyze and report upon changes to Configurations and Strategies?
    • Updated features to base pricing module
    • Display science engine impact to price recommendations thru a managed view
    • Option to update current margin and profit when a cost is locked
    • Display CPI aggregate in price review


Revionics will offer the Level 1 Markdown Optimization Certification at Insight 2020.  For leading retailers, optimizing markdowns to local shopper demand provides an opportunity to maximize margin, sell-through, and inventory value while improving velocity of product assortment.  In this training we focus on the markdown optimization process from creating events for what-if scenario planning, optimization and analyzing results, all the way through executing prices to stores.  This is designed to be an interactive training with a mix of lecture and hands-on activities so participants will understand and apply what they’ve learned in a mock environment.

The class will focus on: 

  • The terminology and key concepts of markdown optimization
  • How to create, update and copy a markdown event and group in the Revionics portal
  • Each of the unique rules that help to achieve your markdown goals
  • How to create an override group, which allows a user to force a markdown on an item(s) that don’t meet the business objectives of the other items in the group
  • How the optimization process works and the different components that contribute to recommending a price
  • Each of the commonly used reports used to analyze markdown performance
  • How to approve and un-approve markdowns once your objectives are met


Revionics will offer the Level 1 Reporting and PI Certification at Insight 2019.  The course will focus on a high level overview of reporting capabilities, best practices and approaches.

The class will focus on: 

  • Introduction to Pricing Analytics
    • Look and feel
    • Where to find reports (My content, Team Content)
    • How to save and schedule reports
  • Pricing Reports
    • Export History & Compliance (What’s exported from the portal)
    • Price Lock Report
    • Scenario Performance Explorer (Scenario Planning Analytics)
    • Scenario Strategies (Who created strategies and when)
  • Value Measurement Reports
    • Price Lift Analysis (Total ‘Lift’ versus baseline)
    • Segmented Price Lift Analysis. (Lift by Type Inside vs Outside Revionics)
  • Sales Reports
    • Weekly Sales with drill down
  • Operational Reports
    • Pricing Exception reports (What has been excluded from the portal and why)
  • Dashboards
    • Sales & Export Dashboard
    • Value Measurement Dashboard
  • Competitor Reports
    • Competitor Index Trends (View Index Gap to competitors by product/zone level)