How Pricing Evolves: A Price Strategists’ View on Change and How to Get the Most from Revionics Implementations

With implementations that span nearly two decades, the landscape of pricing and retail has evolved significantly. Get expert views on how those changes have affected implementations, how new implementations can be successful, and how existing customers could apply something new to adapt to their business.

About the Panelists

VP, Global Delivery | Revionics
Sheri Raznick brings more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of retail operations including Store Operations, Merchandising, Distribution and IT.  During her 8 year tenure with Revionics, she has held a number of positions, as well as, spearheading many of our large-scale implementations where her leadership has proven to be invaluable.  She currently leads our Global Delivery group, responsible for ensuring successful, value-driven implementations.

Senior Price Strategist | Revionics

Mark has more than 11 years of retail pricing and strategy experience. He has worked with numerous retailers across a myriad of different verticals, from discount chains to home improvement. Currently, Mark works to implement various Price Optimization solutions in the retail sector to deliver measurable, transformative business results.