Finger on the Pulse: Enhanced and Integrated Competitive Intelligence for Business Results

How do real-world retailers use CI to drive success, and how does it combine with brick-and-mortar?  Get the latest and greatest on Revionics Competitive Data and Insights that helps a diverse array of retailers discover their competitive position and their competitors’ pricing and assortment strategies, enabling them to better serve customers, exploit market opportunities, and drive higher ROI. Explore how to best integrate its capabilities with Revionics price management and optimization.

About the Speakers

Product Manager | Revionics

Robert brings 15+ years of retail background to Revionics. As a pricing strategist, he engages clients to help them best utilize the power of price optimization to meet their pricing objectives.

Sr. Product Manager | Revionics

Kausik brings over a decade of experience in managing and delivering software products and solutions across six industry domains globally. As a Senior Product Manager, he is responsible for the Competitive Intelligence product suite and the PI and Analytical modules of the Revionics products.