Breaking Price Tier Barriers with Quantity Discounting

Retailers in many sectors offer quantity discount pricing to accommodate different classes of customers. You’ll hear about how Revionics has teamed with several leading retailers to enhance quantity discount pricing capabilities and provide greater value to B2B/B2C retailers.

About the Speakers

Principal Solution Strategist | Revionics

Craig DuBose has more than 20 years of experience in price management. He has implemented optimization on more than 40,000 store locations and currently manages the Revionics Business Solution Architect team.

Senior Product Manager | Revionics

Jason has over 12 years of experience delivering SaaS-based products in both B2B and B2C environments.  The application of these products has included healthcare, IoT and now retail.  During this time he has served in several capacities from technical consultant, to implementation, to business analyst and in the last 8+ years as a product manager.  Jason employs strong data-driven, agile practices which provide for nimble and informed development while maintaining a strong planning and communication process to keep both internal and external stakeholders apprised of progress.  He is currently the Senior Product Manager responsible for the Base Pricing module.