Winning Market Share in a Growing eCommerce Market

Winning Market Share in a Growing eCommerce Market: A Phased Approach to Implementing Dynamic Pricing

Konstantin Bayandin, Director of Pricing and Digital Marketing,

Changing thousands of prices daily – does it sound like science fiction?  Not in the era of Amazon, or – in our case – the leading Russian online etailer  During their two years as a customer of Revionics, they have achieved astounding results in terms of both market share and top-line growth, enabled by Revionics Dynamic Pricing solutions.  Join Director of Pricing and Digital Marketing Konstantin Bayandin to learn about’s path to success, from top management expectations to the project level as well as team-level challenges and best practices.  Konstantin will discuss the complexity of a diverse competitive landscape as well as’s extensive geographical and category reach. These business demands pushed the joint OZON-Revionics team to new levels of innovation.  In this presentation you will learn step by step how implemented their business strategy in a fast-growing market, achieving powerful financial results and accelerated customer base growth.

About the Speaker

Konstantin Bayandin, Director of Pricing and Digital Marketing,

Konstantin Bayandin from Ozon

Konstantin joined OZON’s team in 2013 as advisor to the General Director responsible for the corporate development, where he helped attract additional investment and assess M&A opportunities. In 2014 Konstantin assumed operational responsibility for digital marketing and pricing at Konstantin built the pricing team and introduced integrated analytics, and OZON regularly monitors 400,000 key items across 80 online and off-line competitors. Before OZON Konstantin used to work in Boston Consulting Group. He holds the degrees from Moscow University of Physics, the Russian School of Economics and a Stanford MBA. In his free time he enjoys traveling, triathlons and doing all his purchases and travel bookings on OZON.