Revionics Pricing as a Catalyst for Organizational Maturity Transformation

Since its origins more than a century ago as Houchens Foods in Kentucky, Houchens Industries has now grown to encompass more than 400 retail grocery, convenience and neighborhood market stores across 16 states employing 18,000 people. Greg Rush describes how Houchens has made a giant step in organizational evolution from a wholesale-driven price model with very manual processes to an innovative pricing team that leverages science to optimize prices. The result: increased agility in response to cost and market changes, systematic monitoring of competitors, more strategic value-add to the overall organization, and measurably better business performance in an extremely competitive environment.

About the Speaker

Director of Merchandising
Houchens Industries

Greg Rush has been in the retail industry for 29 years. Greg started working in a local independent grocery store at age 15 and his retail career came full circle when he joined Houchens who owns and operates that same location to this day. He began working for the largest dollar chain in the country during college and had the opportunity to gain experience in Distribution, Logistics, Financial Reporting and Internal Audit during that time. Greg eventually joined their merchandising team and traveled around the world sourcing products for his former company. Currently, he is the Director of Merchandising, with responsibilities for all Purchasing, Space Planning and Pricing functions for the various grocery and convenience store formats which Houchens operates. Greg is also actively involved in his hometown, currently serving as Board Chair for the local Boys & Girls Club.


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