Retooling Retail for the Tech Age: Analytics and AI in Action

The pace of technological change is both breathtakingly rapid and relentlessly accelerating. Organizations that do not take a fearless position on innovation will find themselves overtaken by startups and other disruptors in their markets. Drawing on his many years as a retail executive leading culture shifts to create a spirit of innovation at organizations including serving as CEO of Ahold USA, leading food businesses around the world at Tesco and as CEO of Carrefour’s French business, James McCann explores the profound technology shifts taking place and opportunities for retailers to exploit those shifts to drive innovation and deliver profound business impact.

About the Speaker

Former CEO of Ahold USA

James McCann led food retail businesses around the world for Tesco, was the CEO of Carrefour’s French business and led Ahold USA for four years up to its merger with Delhaize America.

He is now an investor, board member and advisor to early-stage companies that are disrupting the consumer and retail space. James has just published a book on startups and the impact of the technological age. He passionately believes that the tech age will be good for humanity but that we are wholly unprepared for the scale of the coming changes.

In his spare time, he loves flying and is a volunteer pilot for PALS helping patients get to and from their medical treatment centers. He is also a trustee at the Dana-Farber cancer institute in Boston.

He and his wife Tania live on the south shore just outside of Boston.


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