Meeting Retail Pricing Challenges across Sectors and Formats

Cheri Cornelius, Director of Pricing, BevMo!
Peter Opzondek, Head of Pricing, Metro AG

Konstantin Bayandin, Director of Pricing and Digital Marketing,
Moderator: Anastasia Laska, Vice President Marketing EMEA, Revionics

The shopper journey is no longer a journey: it is a 24/7 multichannel universe, where impressions, interactions, transactions, and experiences blend together.  Retail today is complex, informationally rich, dynamic and fast changing; shopper behavior is fluid, flowing from one shopping mission and pattern to another.  How does a retailer capture behavioral signals in order to tap into their customers’ full potential?  What does it mean in terms of convergence of channels and the transformation of retail formats?  And, ultimately, how does a retailer create a convincing value proposition for each relevant shopping mission, where price will be an important element of overall shopper experience? Come hear from your peers about their successes and learnings in this area in this exciting forward-looking session.

About the Speakers

Cheri Cornelius, Director of Pricing, BevMo!

Cheri Cornelius has 28+ years of retail experience including Store Operations, Category Management, and Pricing.  She is currently at BevMo! and is responsible for establishing, maintaining and analyzing pricing models and methodologies to support the development and implementation of dynamic pricing strategies and pricing decisions across the organization.  She is also responsible for leading and partnering with cross-functional teams in the development of the business intelligence tools and technology necessary to enable effective decision-making to drive BevMo!’s pricing strategies and execution.

Peter Opzondek, Head of Pricing, Metro AG

Peter Opzondek has 12+ years of Pricing experience in retail and travel & hospitality with global exposure. Joining Metro in 2014 Peter has been responsible for establishing pricing processes in all Metro countries and implemented pricing solutions. Peter is a pricing evangelist in Metro emphasizing the need to change before a pricing initiative is started and strengthening the importance of pricing and an effective pricing strategy across the organization. Peter used to pioneer Revenue Management at Avis and worked as a Pricing Consultant in the travel & hospitality industry for JDA. He holds an MBA from

He holds an MBA from University of Cologne and studied at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.  Apart from travelling and visiting as many retail stores as possible around the world, he loves to spend time with his kids, play tennis, and cook. He also enjoys watching American Football, tennis and soccer.

Konstantin Bayandin, Director of Digital Marketing and Pricing at Ozon

Konstantin joined OZON’s team in 2013 as advisor to the General Director responsible for the corporate development, where he helped attract additional investment and assess M&A opportunities. In 2014 Konstantin assumed operational responsibility for digital marketing and pricing at Konstantin built the pricing team and introduced integrated analytics, and OZON regularly monitors 400,000 key items across 80 online and off-line competitors. Before OZON Konstantin used to work in Boston Consulting Group. He holds the degrees from Moscow University of Physics, the Russian School of Economics and a Stanford MBA. In his free time he enjoys traveling, triathlons and doing all his purchases and travel bookings on OZON.

Anastasia Laska, Vice President Marketing EMEA, Revionics

Anastasia Laska has over 18 years retail and FMCG/durable goods experience in marketing, branding, and product management. Before joining Revionics, Anastasia served as the Global Director of Marketing for Metro Cash and Carry where she led branding and communication, CRM, pricing, market research, target groups management, e-marketing and e-commerce.