Going Hyper-Local: Moving from Mainstream Zoning to Submarket Pricing
Kevin Balcom, Director of Pricing, BJ’s Wholesale Club
Matt Pavich, Senior Manager Pricing Strategy, Revionics

Revionics offers multiple ways for clients to structure their store zoning. In addition to more traditional zoning approaches, BJ’s Wholesales has teamed closely with Revionics to explore new multivendor submarket capabilities. Today these capabilities enable hyper-local pricing on select KVI SKUs while leveraging more mainstream zoning for other SKUs in order to provide more relevant pricing for your customers while being competitive at a very localized level. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of the differences and similarities between submarket and zone approaches to best fine-turn your pricing to each customer’s needs, with tips and tricks from BJ’s real-world implementation.

About the Speakers

Kevin Balcom, Director-Pricing, BJ’s Wholesale Club

Kevin Balcom is the Director of Pricing for BJ’s Wholesale Club, based in Westborough, Massachusetts. Kevin has been with BJ’s for 15 years, working across multiple areas of the organization including Merchandising, Finance, Logistics and Operations. Kevin’s experience as a merchant, combined with his involvement as BJ’s SAP Implementation Retail Pricing Lead, led him to his current role in the Pricing team.

Matt Pavich, Senior Manager Pricing Strategy, Revionics

Matt Pavich has a wealth of retail and consulting experience and has implemented Revionics solutions at numerous specialty, pet, sporting goods and automotive clients.