Confessions of a Serial Price Optimization Visionary: Best Practices in Price and Promotion Innovation

Over the course of more than a decade, Steve Luoma has led the strategic vision and execution to drive pricing, promotion and markdown innovation at leading retailers including PetSmart, Walgreens and Family Dollar. In this wide-ranging presentation, Steve will share his proven best practices to deliver transformative business results through business management, strategic planning, price/promotional optimization, change management, project management and team development.  Steve’s remarks will be followed by a lively interactive discussion with Cheryl Sullivan, who will explore additional topics with Steve, including how his drive for improved business results led to significant enhancements in Revionics’ products and roadmap.

About the Speaker

CEO/Chief Consultant
SWL Enterprises

Steve Luoma, a seasoned retail veteran, has successfully spent more than 30 years managing and directing teams for industry-leading retailers. He is now sharing his extensive knowledge with retailers and business owners through his recently launched consulting practice and entrepreneurial adventures. For more than 10 years he has invested in the pricing realm, working with retailers such as SUPERVALU, Family Dollar, Walgreens and most recently PetSmart. During this time he has been instrumental in the installation of several pricing processes, strategies, tactics and optimization solutions to deliver incremental value in terms of sales revenue, margin dollar growth and change management. His most recent role was Vice President of Pricing, Promotional Governance and Corporate Space Planning for the nation’s largest pet specialty retailer, where his team was responsible for delivering exceptional value to pet parents while delivering industry-leading results and growth.


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