Competing in the Age of Amazon

At Walgreens like so many other retailers, Luke Rauch has seen a rapidly evolving marketplace with new and intensifying sources of competition.  While Amazon and other online retailers are reshaping the game overall, value-oriented players such as Walmart have responded by doubling down on price investment, particularly in certain parts of the country.  At the same time, discounters like Lidl and Aldi are growing, coupled with the continued expansion of the Dollar channel.  Hear how Walgreens approaches the challenge by continuing to reinvent its value model, driven by customer-centric insights and a nimble, data-driven pricing approach to drive strong results for the business.

About the Speaker

Luke Rauch is the Senior Director of US Insights at Walgreens, where he oversees pricing analytics and execution across the chain’s 8000+ stores.  He is also responsible for the company’s overall promotional strategy and insights specific to store formats. Prior to Walgreens, Luke worked in Deloitte Consulting’s strategy practice where he led projects focused including but not limited to new product / market entry, digital strategy, market forecasting, marketing mix spend, and marketing strategy. He received his undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Michigan.