A Winning Hand: Targeted, Data-driven Pricing at MGM Resorts

Patti Heiser, Senior Manager, Planning, Pricing, and Analytics, MGM Resorts
Craig Moore, Senior Pricing Strategist, Revionics

In the course of its multi-year use of Revionics Price Optimization, MGM Resorts Retail has grown increasingly sophisticated in its use of a data-driven approach to tailor pricing at its retail outlets to seasonal trends, industry events and category- and item-level specifics. In this lively, interactive conversation with Craig Moore, Patti Heiser will share her story of MGM Resorts’ journey into gaining support and buy-in from the merchants and property management, and how they progressed beyond the low-hanging fruit to more nuanced pricing approaches and began the process of adding Markdown Optimization to their Revionics portfolio.

About the Speaker

Patti Heiser
Senior Manager, Planning, Pricing, and Analytics, MGM Resorts

Patti is Senior Planning, Pricing & Analytics Manager for MGM Resorts Retail. She has more than 28 years of retail experience that spans planning, allocations, buying, and operations. Prior to MGM Resorts, Patti worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC Inc., and American Eagle Outfitters.

Craig Moore
Senior Pricing Strategist, Revionics

Craig has more than 12 years of price optimization experience. He specializes in Markdown Optimization and has implemented multiple Base Price projects as well.